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Selected Publications (2016)

Chih, Y-Y., Kiazad, K., Zhou, L., Capezio, A., Li, M. & Restubog , S. (2016). Investigating Employee Turnover in the Construction Industry: A Psychological Contract Perspective, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management (ABDC: A*).

Decosta, P-L., Ryu, J. & Andehn, M. (2016). From branded exports to traveler imports: building destination image on the factory floor in South Korea, Tourism Management (ABDC: A*).

Gilding, M., Merlot, E. & Leitch, S. (2016). The Power of Hope: Business Collective Action, Political Entrepreneurship and the Mining Industry’s Campaign against the Resources Super Profits Tax, Australian Journal of Political Science (ABDC: A).

Guan, P.*, Capezio, A.*, Restubog, S. L. D.*, Read, S., Lajom, J., & Li, M. (2016). The role of traditionality in the relationships among parental support, career decision-making self-efficacy, and career adaptability. Journal of Vocational Behavior. (ABDC: A*)

Low, C., Bordia, P. & Bordia, S. (2016). What do employees really want? An exploration of employees’ preferred psychological contract contribution and inducements across career stages. Invited to submit a second revision from Human Relations (ABDC: A*).

Lu, V., Capezio, A., Restubog, S. L. D., Garcia, P. R. J. M., & Wang, L. (2016). In pursuit of service excellence: Investigating the role of psychological contracts and organizational identification of frontline hotel employees. Tourism Management. (ABDC: A).

Rafferty, A. & Restubog, S. (2016). Why Do Employees’ Perceptions of their Organizations’s Change History Matter? The Role of Change Appraisals, Human Resource Management (ABDC: A*, FT45). 

Selected Publications (2015)

Bertels, H., Koen, P. & Elsum, I. (2015). Business Models Outside the Core: Lessons Learned from Success and Failure, Research Technology Management (ABDC: A).

Bordia, S. & Bordia, P. (2015). Employees’ willingness to adopt a foreign functional language in multi-lingual organizations: the role of linguistic identity, Journal of International Business Studies (ABDC: A*, FT45).

Bordia, S., Bordia, P., & Restubog, S. (2015). Promises from afar: A model of international student psychological contract in business education. Studies in Higher Education (ERA: A*).

Capezio, A. & Mavisakalyan, A. (2015). Women in the boardroom and fraud: Evidence from Australia, Australian Journal of Management (ABDC: A).

Capezio, A., Restubog, S., Lu, V., Wang, L. & Garcia, P. (2015). To flatter or to assert? Gendered reactions to Machiavellian leaders, Journal of Business Ethics (ABDC: A; FT45).

Chen, Y., Chen, Z., Zhong, L., Son, J., Zhang, X. & Liu, Z. (2015). Social Exchange Spillover in Leader-Member Relations: A Multi-Level Model, Journal of Organizational Behavior, (ABDC: A*).

Cui, L., Li, Y., Meyer, K. & Li, Z. (2015). Leadership Experience Meets Ownership Structure: Returnee Managers and Internationalization of Emerging Economy Firms, Management International Review (ABDC: A).

Decosta, P-L., Zhang, C., McKercher, B. (2015). Politics and Tourism Promotion: Hong Kong’s Myth Making. Annals of Tourism Research (ABDC: A*).

Dietz, B., van Knippenberg, D., Hirst G. & Restubog, S. (2015). Outperforming Whom? A Multi-Level Study of Performance-Prove Goal Orientation, Performance, and the Moderating Role of Shared Team Identification, Journal of Applied Psychology (ABDC: A*, FT45).

Fan, D., Cui, L., Li, Y-Y. & Zhu, C. (2015). Localized learning by emerging multinational enterprises in developed host countries: A fuzzy-set analysis of Chinese foreign direct investment in Australia, International Business Review (ABDC: A).

Ford, S., Scholz, F. & Lu, V. (2015). Social shedding: Identification and health of Men's Sheds users. Health Psychology (ERA: A*).

Ganegoda, D., Latham, G. & Folger, R. (2015). The effect of a consciously set and a primed goal on fair behavior. Human Resource Management. (ABDC: A*, FT45).

Garcia, P., Restubog, S., Bordia, P., Bordia, S. & Roxas, R (2015). Career optimism: The roles of contextual support and career decision-making self-efficacy. Journal of Vocational Behavior (ABDC: A*).

Garcia, P., Wang, L., Lu, V., Kiazad, K. & Restubog, S. (2015). When Victims Become Culprits: The Role of Subordinates’ Neuroticism in the Relationship Between Abusive Supervision and Workplace Deviance, Personality & Individual Differences (ABDC: A).

Hirst G., van Knippenberg, D., Zhou, J., Quintane, E. & Zhu,C. (2015). Heard it through the grapevine: Indirect networks and employee creativity, Journal of Applied Psychology (ABDC: A*, FT45).

Hirst, G., van Knippenberg, D., Zhou, Q., Zhu, J. & Tsai, C-F (2015).  Exploitation and Exploration Climates’ Influence on Performance and Creativity: Diminishing Returns as Function of Self-efficacy, Journal of Management (ABDC: A*).

Ho, J., Plewa, C. & Lu, V. (2015). Examining Strategic Orientation Complementarity Using Multiple Regression Analysis and Fuzzy Set QCA, Journal of Business Research (ABDC: A).

Hoang, H., Hill, S-R., Freeman, S., Lu,  V. & Imrie, B. (2015). Developing service climate in local vs. foreign firms in smaller Asian emerging markets: a resource-based and social exchange perspective, International Journal of Human Resource Management (ABDC: A).

Huang, S., Keating, B., Kriz, A. & Heung, V. (2015). Chinese Outbound Tourism: An Epilogue, Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing (ABDC: A).

Jansen, K., Shipp, A. & Michael, J. H. (2015).  Champions, converts, doubters, and defectors: The impact of shifting perceptions on momentum for change, Personnel Psychology (ABDC A*).

Keating, B., Huang, S., Kriz, A. & Heung, V. (2015). A Systematic Review of the Chinese Outbound Tourism Literature: 1983-2012, Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing (ABDC: A).

Li, M., Cui, L. & Lu, J. (2015). Marketized state ownership and foreign expansion of emerging market multinationals: leveraging institutional competitive advantages, Asia Pacific Journal of Management (ABDC: A).

Liao, J., O’Brien, A., Jimmieson, N. & Restubog, S. (2015). Predicting Transactive Memory Systems in Multidisciplinary Teams: The Interplay Between Team and Professional Identities, Journal of Business Research (ABDC: A).

Lindridge, A. & Eagar, T. (2015). And Ziggy played guitar: Bowie, the market, and the emancipation and resurrection of Ziggy Stardust, Journal of Marketing Management (ABDC: A).

Martin, N. & Rice, J. (2015). Improving Australia’s Renewable Energy Project Policy and Planning: A Multiple Stakeholder Analysis, Energy Policy (ABDC: A).

Martin, N., Rice, J. & Martin, R. (2015). Expectations of privacy and trust: examining the views of IT professionals, Behaviour & Information Technology, (ABDC: A).

Ng, Y., Kulik, C. & Bordia, P. (2015). The moderating role of intergroup contact in race composition, perceived similarity, and applicant attraction relationships. Journal of Business & Psychology (ABDC: A).

Nguyen, L., Conduit, J., Lu, V. & Rao, S. (2015). Engagement in Online Communities: Implications for Consumer Price Perceptions, Journal of Strategic Marketing (ABDC: A).

Restubog, S., Amarnani, R., Walker, D. & van Jaarsveld, D. (2015). Misbehaving customers: Understanding and managing customer Injustice in service organizations, Organizational Dynamics (ABDC: A).

Restubog, S., Zagenczyk, T., Bordia, P., Bordia, S. & Chapman, G. (2015). If You Wrong Us, Shall We Not Revenge: Moderating Roles of Self-Control and Perceived Aggressive Culture in Predicting Responses to Psychological Contract Breach, Journal of Management (ABDC: A*).

Rice, J., Liao, T-S., Galvin, P. & Martin, N. (2015). A configuration-based approach to integrating dynamic capabilities and market transformation in small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve firm performance, International Small Business Journal (ABDC: A).

Sibunruang, H., Capezio, A. & Restubog, S. (2015). In Pursuit of Success: The Differential Moderating Effects of Political Skill on the Relationships Among Career-Related Psychological Needs and Ingratiation, Journal of Career Assessment (ABDC: A).

Tolentino, L., Garcia, P. R. J. M.*, Restubog, S. L. D.*, Scott, K. L., & Aquino, K. (in press). Does domestic intimate partner aggression impact women’s career outcomes? The role of perceived organizational support. Human Resource Management. (ABDC: A*, FT45)

Van Jaarsveld, D., Restubog, S. L. D., Walker, D., & Amarnani, R. (2015). Misbehaving customers: Understanding and managing customer injustice in service organizations. Organizational Dynamics, 44, 273-280. (ABDC: A)

Vogel, R., Mitchell, M., Tepper, B., Restubog, S., Hu, C. & Hua, W. (2015). A Cross-Cultural Examination of Subordinates’ Perceptions of an Reactions to Abusive Supervision,  Journal of Organization Behavior (ABDC: A*).

Voigt, E. & Hirst, G. (2015). High and low performers’ intention to leave: Examining the relationship with motivation and commitment, International Journal of Human Resource Management (ABDC: A).

Winter, R. & Jackson, B. (2015). Work values preferences of Generation Y: Performance relationship insights in the Australian public service, International Journal of Human Resource Management (ABDC: A).

Yu, K., Kim, S. & Restubog, S. (2015). Transnational contexts for professional identity development in accounting. Organization Studies. (ABDC: A*, FT45).

Selected Publications (in press)

Conduit, J., Plewa, C., Ho, J. & Lu, V. (in press). Facilitating student interaction capabilities: The interplay of individual, group and course-related factors, Journal of Strategic Marketing (ABDC: A).

Kiewitz, C., Restubog, S., Shoss, M., Garcia, P. & Tang, R. (in press). Suffering in silence: The role of fear in the relationship between abusive supervision and defensive silence, Journal of Applied Psychology (ABDC: A*; FT45).

Tolentino, L., Garcia, P. R. J. M.*, Restubog, S. L. D.*, Scott, K. L., & Aquino, K. (in press). Does domestic intimate partner aggression impact women’s career outcomes? The role of perceived organizational support. Human Resource Management. (ABDC: A*, FT45)

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